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Infidelity is the most common reason for people seeking a divorce. If you think your partner is cheating, seek legal advice to protect your property rights.

Virginia Divorce

The state of Virginia recognizes "fault" divorce based on adultery, cruelty (mental or physical), desertion (actual or “constructive”) and felony conviction (confinement in excess of one year).

Virginia also recognizes "no-fault" divorce for uncontested divorces (defined below).  No-fault grounds include (1) separation for at least twelve months or (2) separation for at least six months, with a separation agreement and no minor children.

An “uncontested divorce” is one in which the parties have no outstanding custody, support, property or other issues to be resolved. An uncontested divorce is almost always filed on the no-fault ground of separation.

A “contested divorce” is one in which the parties are in disagreement about one or more issues, such as spousal support, child custody or visitation, child support, etc.  A contested divorce is not always a fault divorce.  In fact, many contested divorces are filed on no-fault grounds.